API is a bunch of code which is added to any application or program.APIs encourage effective communication between different applications, and in order to ensure that your website is well exposed and is communicable by other applications

Payment Gateway

Looking to accept payments from customers on your ecommerce store? Hoping to design a new website that is able to securely charge customers for their purchases or paid downloads? Our payment integration services are what you need to get up and running quickly, with minimal downtime. We offer payment gateway integration services for ecommerce websites, online shopping websites, recharge websites, online payment websites, startups, digital goods, B2B, NGO, merchants and more.

Email API Integration

Email API integration allows you to connect your email service provider to your own platform and your marketing, sales, or CRM tools.It’s essentially a language and message format that allows communication between the web application and the program that provides the services for the web app. With email API integration, you can simply define the parameters passed between your Email Service Provider (ESP) using some business logic and code.

Third party API Integration

Third party APIs are APIs provided by third parties, generally companies such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google to allow you to access their functionality via JavaScript and use it on your site. One of the most obvious examples is using mapping APIs to display custom maps on your pages.


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